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Selasa, 15 Mei 2012

There are a lot of files in Windows and to print a list of files from Windows Explorer for disk cataloging is tedious and almost impossible. There are tools that offers fast and easy way that allows you to print a list of files in any folder and subfolder to a text file. The text file can contain information such as the full file name with location, file size, modification date and etc… These text files are more suitable to be transferred because it is a single file but can be hard to analyze since there text file doesn’t support hyperlink like HTML.
Printing folder contents to a HTML file is much better because it allows coloring, tables, and hyperlink. Dirhtml is a freeware that creates HTML files from a directory list using the graphical user interface or command line, optionally including HTML code of your own design at any point in generated files.
Dirhtml doesn’t require any installation, just download extract and run the executable. On the program you can set the folder that you want to print, file extensions that you want to include, filenames to include or exclude, folders inclusion and exclusion, and finally the most impressive of all, script files that determines the design of the HTML. Currently there are 28 script templates including ones that is digg like.

Download Dirhtml Here

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